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Litter problem swamps new area

(December 31, 2008)
WARMINSTER’S increasingly worrying litter problem is spreading to new areas of the town.
The latest hotspot is the car park at the rear of the Masonic Hall in the Market Place.
litterThe car park is overflowing with litter of all kinds but a significant proportion of the mess is made up of fast food containers - with some of the food left behind.
When this car park was part of the Somerfield store it was always kept immaculately.
We can only assume that the responsibility has passed to M and Co which took over the store premises from Somerfield.
We will be contacting the company to see whether they are indeed responsible and if so what steps they will be taking to remedy this unacceptable situation.
If it is not their property we will be anxious to find out who is responsible.
“It is an environmental health matter,” said Steve Dancey.
“If whoever is in charge of this area is finding the responsibility a little too much perhaps they can apply to the town council for a £5,000 grant to help.
“All they need do is sprinkle a little of that magical pigeon poo in the area.
“It seems to do the trick.
“Some of the rubbish left in car park is very new so there’s no point blaming the soldiers for this litter as they haven’t been here for the past three weeks.”

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