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Lending a new look to the High Street

(January 02, 2009)
Lending a new look to the High Street in Warminster a new business started today (Friday) providing hope that the town centre can still have a vibrant part to play in the local economy.
The Mortgage Shop has opened its doors as well-known locals Steve Flowers and Roland Daniels take a higher profile to carry on their established roles helping homebuyers.
"We have be working alongside Move estate agents but are looking forward to meeting more passing trade at this location," explained Steve.
Shop owner Roland saw the sandwich bar that was there previously depart and decided it was a new opportunity.
"Subway came along affecting the sandwich business so it closed," he explained. "Myself and Steve chatted it over and decided we would like a High Street shop premises and here we are."
"We were working from an office above Move but already within hours of opening people have been stopping, looking and like yourself popping in," said a delighted Steve who has years of mortgage advice behind him. 
They will continue to maintain their links with the Market Place estate agents.
The business has a telephone line set up (01985 220666) and work is beginning on their website.

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