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Warminster snow - the rest of world cut off

(February 06, 2009)
IT IS nine in the morning on an arctic Friday and local motorists are facing impossible journeys left, right and centre writes Paul Macdonald.
The A350 at Westbury is currently inpassable. At the moment heavy goods vehicles are unable to make it along the A350 from Westbury to Warminster.
Cars are being advised to travel via Dilton Marsh.
However, lorrys are unable to use this road due to the narrow roads and parked vehicles.
Earlier the A350 on the other side of Warminster was closed to all traffic at Longbridge Deverill as problems getting up Lords Hill and through Lower Pertwood forced the police to act at 6.30am
Getting around the town centre is just about possible with great care but vehicles are getting stuck in roads like West Parade.
A lorry was stuck outside the Fox and Hounds pub at Boot Hill and Bell Hill was also closed to lorries.
All around town the slightest slope is proving treacherous and the police are increasingly advising motorists to consider whether their journey is absolutely necessary.
Despite the snow the market is operating with the regular meat stall, fish van and Longleys Farm vehicle all making it into town somehow.
Workers at the vehicle repair depot on the camp were sent home at 12noon because of the weather.

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