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Rubbish piles up as more snow forecast

(February 08, 2009)
HEAVY snow all week has led to the dustmen being unable to get out and collect either of their fortnightly general waste or recycling bins and boxes, writes Paul Macdonald.
West Wiltshire District Council are in charge of refuse collection and early on Friday morning they confirmed another day of inactivity.
'Neither of our contractors (Hills Waste Solutions Ltd and Focsa Services Ltd) will be sending their vehicles out today (Friday),' they confirmed.
As conditions are not anticipated to change much, it has already been decided that no vehicles will be out on Saturday.
Unfortunately, this means bins that were due to be collected today or tomorrow will not now be collected this week.'
The good news is that the recycling centre at Furnax Lane is still open and can be reached with careful driving in the conditions.
The council have advised that it is important to take the black boxes back in and put them back out on the next scheduled day.
Visionforwarminster is aware of one case where someone tripped over a box full of glass jars, bottles and tin cans in the dark on Friday night without any injury on that occasion.
The town has a wide variety of places which can easily be reached by car within striking distance of most households.
There are recycling bins for most items in the car park area between Avenue School and the public toilets.
For those living in the east of the town there are more bins in the car park at the Conservative club and the Yew Tree car park is just one example where there is a clothing and footwear container.
The council will review the situation on Monday.
It may be time for a bit of good neighbourliness with those who can make the trip to check on others who cannot

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