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Town moved to new economic partnership zone

(February 24, 2009)

ONE item of note which emerged at Warminster’s area board was that the Warminster area will not now be part of the south Wiltshire economic partnership but be in the mid Wilts group.

The original plan would have seen Warminster in the south Wilts group for economic partnership working but its planning decisions would all have been retained under the west Wilts area.

“That idea did seem a little peculiar to me so I was glad to hear from cllr Michael Mounde that this had been reconsidered at a meeting in Devizes last Wednesday and the plan had been changed,” said Steve Dancey, a former chairman of Wiltshire’s economic development committee.

Linking with Salisbury does have some merit but we must accept it is 21 miles away and there’s a lot of open countryside between us and the cathedral city.

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