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Keep tabs on council on line

(March 06, 2009)
Warminster Town Council has modernised its appearance with more than a headed notepaper that brings a bit more colour, writes Paul Macdonald 
In a 21st century approach to its business it has 'topped and tailed' its agenda papers beginning with those for Monday's planning advisory committee meeting.
The town clerk Heather Abernethie was handed the task after long discussions on committee of designing the new look and has gone another step forward.
For the first time ever it informs the general public of the time saving chance to use the internet to find out what the community's councillors have decided.
'Minutes from this meeting will be available to all members of the public either from our website by contacting us at Dewey House' she writes.
The new headed notepaper also continues to carry an e-mail address that has been used by to raise points with the council that will become increasingly important when the new Wiltshire Council is launched in 28 days time.

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