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Road to Heytesbury gets a spring clean

(April 04, 2009)

WITH all the litter swilling around our streets it is all too easy to think that nobody cares and little is being done.

Of course we see our solitary street cleaner gamely fighting his never ending war on the litter louts in the town’s main streets - what a job he has.

road sweepBut there are also volunteers who take time out to help, and more power to their elbow.

On 1 April, Heather Vine, who lives in Boreham Road, aided by two friends took the fight to the two mile stretch of highway between the Cotley Hill roundabout and Bishopstrow.

Heather said: “We collected 10 black bags of rubbish and believe it or not, the spotless road had a new water bottle strewn on it as we drove home.

“Is it worth the effort, I ask?

“We only did it because the impression as you enter Warminster is so bad. I hope you will notice how much better it is!

“Skew bridge was terrible.”

Certainly it worth the effort and everybody should shake you by the hand - we hope to encourage more volunteer litter picking if we are elected and will make it an early issue for the area board to tackle if we are successful in June’s elections.

Even if we aren’t successful we’ll keep raising the matter.

Pictured: Heather and friends and the 10 bags of rubbish.

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