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Town centre on a one way ticket to disruption

(April 30, 2009)
THE warning signs have been there for weeks and the signs have also been there for years as a beleaguered town centre economy is coping with another set of roadworks which has been made a major issue by
It has not been an auspicious start to the gas company's digging up of East Street in Warminster.
"We've already had a laugh about it," said one shopkeeper. "They don't turn up until tennish. Look!"
It was just over thirty minutes later on the fourth day (Thursday) and the workers had all disappeared (for their break?).
The works were due to start on Monday and last for four weeks but nothing happened on the opening day of the disruption which includes a one-way system.
The second day saw the safety zone and one way system set up and by Wednesday a hole had been dug.
However, Monday is a bank holiday. There will be many who may fear that just as the town centre improvement scheme has not been completed on time so East Street is set to become another example.
"And councillors do not understand why they have become a laughing stock!" commented a passer-by at 10.45am.
One group are happy though. East Street at night now has easy parking for those picking up their take-aways.
Promoted and published by Steve Dancey of 21 Newport, Warminster, and Paul Macdonald, of 144 Boreham Field, Warminster.

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