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The merry mayor making month of May - but who?

(May 09, 2009)

MAY is traditionally a month of merry-making and in most communities of mayor-making.

Warminster will be changing its mayor on 18 May at the annual meeting of the council.

For the past two years the role has been undertaken by Mrs Veronica Burden who has been very busy out and about in the community, so she deserves a well-earned rest.

As well as representing Warminster at home and away the mayor takes on the role of chairing the town council, which can be more trying than many imagine.

“Over the last 20 years I’ve attended countless mayor-making functions in three counties and am always struck that the job is hard work if nothing else because there are so many engagements to be undertaken during the course of the year,” said Steve Dancey.

“There’s also the view held by the public that the mayor holds real power when in fact the mayor of Warminster or even Salisbury has miniscule powers in comparison with Boris J in London.

“Warminster’s mayor -making isn’t much of a spectacle but the event in Salisbury is worth watching if you are ever there on the correct day. The event starts at the little church near the Poultry Cross followed by a procession of the charter trustees in their red costumes and a reception at the Guildhall.

“Like our own town hall the Salisbury Guildhall, (donated by the Earl of Radnor), will be losing its court status when the new court building is opened at the Old Manor site.

“I’m sure the city fathers won’t allow their Guildhall to fall into private hands though.”

We’re not sure who will be taking on the role of mayor in Warminster next week but we wish them good luck.

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