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The zebra that lost its lights (sorry Kipling)

(June 25, 2009)

IT might be the time of year when people can go to work in the light and it still be light when they return home but former Warminster councillor Paul Macdonald has still been asked to act.

 An important and busy route to two schools is now provided with two Zebra crossings in Boreham Road after years of campaigning.
They have also provided safe crossing points to residents out late in the evening walking their dogs or on their way home from a popular nearby social club.
"Take a look. I know you will get it sorted out,' said a local resident. "The crossing by the Highbury Park and the Prestbury Drive junction is not lit."
He admitted he was a member of the club but that he had voted for Paul at the local election and went on to describe a near miss.
"It is so easy to use the council 'Clarence' reporting system," explained Paul. "I will gladly report it for you."
Paul checked it out on his way home from work after it was dark and had to admit as a motorist that it was difficult to see if anyone was waiting to cross

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