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Town stakes a claim on cyberspace

(June 29, 2009)

A NEW website designed to draw together the strands of everything happening in Warminster is being planned, it has emerged.

The news seeped out at the inaugural meeting of the town council’s communications committee  and the proposal was news to its newly elect chairman Tony Field.

Councillor Keith Humphries told the members about the new plans to stake out the town’s right to some cyberspace.

“A new Warminster website is under development by the Warminster Development Trust and it will be an all singing and all dancing site designed to cover the whole of Warminster,” he said.

“We have already looked at the Wiltshire Council website and it is quite good.

“What we are planning is brand new and I hope that we will have something up in the not too distant future.”

The project is being overseen by Michael Mounde who will be briefing the town clerk and interested councillors about the project.

The idea is something that Vision for Warminster has been calling for since last September and is to be welcomed.

“I’m pleased that the development trust is closely involved as I have seen that model work well elsewhere in the county and the fact the Michael Mounde is closely involved increases confidence,” said Steve Dancey for VFW.

“I’m a little worried that Wiltshire Council’s website has been held up as good as when the council took over it was universally ridiculed as rubbish by professionals in this field.

“It may have improved since but every time I try to view it it crashes my computer.

“The big secret of websites is content and making it of relevance to the viewer - if they find it of use and/or interesting they will return for more - if not they will only view the site if necessary.”

Vision for Warminster has been attracting more than 500 unique users each month for the past four months and although it can be expected to dip in the summer months we aim to increase this to 1,000 a month by the year end.

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