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Scratching around for an allotment site

(September 19, 2009)
TOWN councillors are digging around to find an answer for green fingered residents as the search for new allotment land in or around Warminster goes on.
 Several farmers have been approached unsuccessfully as the waiting list continues to grow.  
Scenes reminiscent of the Second World War could be the answer as the council want to match up owners of large gardens with those who want to dig.
 The town already has the hugely popular Tynings Allotments in the Bradley Road area which has an active association.
 They are going to be asked to administer the scheme by town councillors.
Capt\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Another idea is to take over half of the Captain Yeats Field along the Boreham Road currently popular with dog walkers living on the large nearby housing estates.
It is also popular with occasional kite flying youngsters and is criss-crossed with well worn paths used by walkers.
Years ago there was a campaign to save the field when housing chiefs were looking around
They finally got their their way by building The Heathlands on green land near the current allotments. Planners also allowed housing on the allotments at Pound Street.
"I remember arguing at the time that there was going to come a day when more and more people would want grow their own," said former councillor Paul Macdonald.
Cllr. Tony Field proposes writing to the National Trust who are trustees to ask if this would be a possibility and if so he pledges that it would be run by a properly constituted association.
"I think the real answer is be be more imaginative and I will certainly take a good look around," added Paul.
Steve Dancey added: "I would also enjoy having an allotment but the problem is where.
"Boreham is a non-starter as the bulk of the new population is on the western side of town and that is where we need the allotments. Perhaps Lord Bath should be approached or even housing developers.
"In other parts of Wiltshire some major new housing schemes (up to 600 homes) have dropped their percentage of affordable homes right down to 16 per cent on condition that, in exchange, land was provided for community use - it won't happen here as nobody seems to have the imagination to argue the case."

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