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Visionforwarminster striking a chord with the public

(November 03, 2009)
LATEST traffic figures show that interest in the visionforwarminster website is continuing to grow after a dip following the election.
In the spring the number of pages read peaked at 7,000 a month in April and slipped back to just under 5,000 in August.
In October the figure jumped dramatically with more than 9,000 pages read on line during the month.
Some of these readings will be by what are known as 'bots' in the trade but their impact remains constant throughout the year.
The number of unique visitors each month has hovvered at around 500 people each month - but they are looking at more material.
''I think the combination of thought provoking locally produced content combined with the ear to the ground community politics that we have developed will continue to build interest,'' said co-author Steve Dancey.
''Many of the items we talk about are issues that really concern people on the ground so it is no surprise that they are reading our site in greater depth - I'm sure this increase in interest is no flash in the pan, and when combined with our slight redesign in September will continue to pull in readers and confound our critics.''

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