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Journal alerted to Stockland plan - too late though

(November 11, 2009)
THE shock news  that a massive upheaval to Warminster town centre is being supported by planning officers has prompted one former councillor to write to the local paper hoping to ignite public interest in the nick of time.
Paul Macdonald is hoping that his missive will reach the Warminster Journal newsdesk in time for publication tomorrow to sound the alert about next Wednesday's Western Area Planning Committee.
He writes

'Dear Sir,

The town is clearly troubled by the proposals from the owners of the Three Horseshoes Walk to radically change their part of it and the neighbouring land around it.At the Core Strategy consultation reflecting the current views of the Wiltshire Council held on Tuesday about the long term future of our town there were some statements that be should sounding alarm bells.

 'The current library building has major refurbishment requirements but there is currently no service funding for this to happen,' is just one.

 'Re-organisation of existing car parks is necessary, along with further studies to investigate whether additional spaces are needed,' is another.

 At that consultation there was a clear absence of any statistical, financial or social and economic detail on which to base taking the town forward.

In my experience without a full town appraisal to establish definitively our future needs we are once again at the mercy of bad decisions.

I am now awaiting a copy of the agenda for the next meeting of the Western Area Planning Committee which is surprisingly recommending approval of the latest Stockland Plan.

There is nothing wrong with breathing fresh life into this area but I would urge the public to take a keen interest in this and the work of the new all-singing all-dancing Wiltshire council.

 I well remember as a former councillor the effort it took to recover from the last time planning went wrong in this town in the 'eighties.'

 "I do not write to the papers very often but in the short term and the long term the town is facing major issues," explained Paul

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