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Quarter of a million should be paid to help us recover Town Hall

(November 26, 2009)
COUNTY Hall will be the centre of some major horsetrading in the weeks to come as politicians argue about how to allocate a 2.8 million windfall through the community area boards.
The money has come from the Government after the county achieved a significant performance improvement and become eligible for a performance reward grant from the Government.
Now the county needs to decide how the money is shared out - ideally with each community area getting some.
For once Warminster should argue for more than its share.
''We have had nothing in the way of community buildings here for almost 20 years and it was the county council that allowed the Town Hall to fall into private hands,'' said Steve Dancey.
''They have a moral duty to help get back what is rightfully ours and other towns shouldn't stand in our way.
''We should ask for a quarter of a million pounds from the fund to reclaim the Town Hall for the people.
''Rivals bids in placed like Malmesbury, Devizes, Salisbury and Marlborough haven't really got a leg to stand on as they still have their town halls or guild halls in public ownership.
''It is a total scandal that ours was allowed to to be sold for almost nothing and councillors should now argue to case for a much money as possible.''

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