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Missing inaction, the Conservative cllrs' election site

(November 28, 2009)
WARMINSTER has become a much more interesting place to visit on the internet with more and more well run sites appearing, but mystery still surrounds one election website.
In the spring the local Tories launched their website.
"At first it was slightly informative and gave us some topics to debate," said co-author of Paul Macdonald.
"It was the first to reveal who their candidates were going to be at the June unitary council elections."
Then it was suddenly taken off the net by a political agent in their county organisation with the promise that it would re-appear after the 5th June.
'Mystery surrounds the demise of a special website set up to promote the five candidates from the blue party who are standing in the Warminster area' (Hot topic - April 25th).
All this week trying to connect with the local Tories using their dedicated website brings up a message from '' saying 'This Account Has Been Suspended' in bold letters.
There is a request 'If you are the owner of this website, please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.'
"It looks like the modern world has lost the interest of our famous five," says Paul. "I think the headline is missing- will it be missed?"
"Cynical on-lookers would say just as politicians of the other main party in the town who promise they will keep in touch all year round and don't this has now been extended to the internet.
"It looks like will go down in history as cons-forgotten-warminster.gone.'"
*The Tories have voted to spend £5,800 on updating the town council website ( news archive).

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