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Green day - not green but expensive environmentally unfriendly

(November 28, 2009)
 IT is Friday in a residential area of Warminster and a familiar sound outside did not last very long today as the dustcart searched for green bins to empty.
 "In the street that I live just half a dozen bins could be found outside sixty plus homes," said former councillor Paul Macdonald.
green day "This was in stark contrast to yesterday when the black boxes in many cases overflowing were outside almost every house."
 The use of the service fell markedly when the restriction on what could be sent for recycling was severely curtailed.
 Wiltshire Council is currently reviewing the service and is offering a chance to vote in a poll on the green bins collection service.
 (The Conservatives nationally proposed this week a points reward system to householders for recycling more items like plastics, tins and glass).
Steve Dancey added: ''The green waste service is anything but green as it is using scarce resources to transport material that should be dealt with within the garden, it is regressive spending as it only really benefits the wealthy with big gardens and is totally wrong.
''People in other parts of Wiltshire, such as Devizes and Marlborough, have done without it with no problem at all  - so can we.
''It only came into being here when someone at West Wilts District mistakenly believed it was possible to collect cardboard and green waste together - it wasn't and that was a highly expensive boob.''

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