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Another fine mess cleared up by Paul - where were our 32k a year councillors?

(December 06, 2009)
FAIRFIELD Road  was once again the scene of huge tracts of water in the road last week after days of rain and it lead to a former councillor using a new reporting system introduced Wiltshire Council.
"The council website has been a bit of a problem to navigate but now I have found it there is a simple problem reporting system," says Paul Macdonald (see hot topics - 24th November).
Paul first monitored the problem for 48 hours and after talking to regular passers-by who assured him it was not a one-off decided to get in touch with the local authority on Friday afternoon.
"I found at the area board section on there is a place to 'report an issue in your community' which I used and it took just a few moments."
The response to the issue has been immediate and a community area manager has closed the issue by the following Wednesday.
"A few e-mails later and an easy to use click on a link brought the latest words on the matter," said Paul.
"They say 'this has been a long standing issue that engineers have been working to resolve. As a result of a recent site visit, when the drainage gang cleared an obstruction in the pipeline, the flooding has been resolved.
"They add a promise that the road will be inspected. Congratulations to the community area manager for her part in a job well done.
"But instead of 'watch this space' it could still be a case of 'watch this splash' as we were told the council were sorting this out in February."
*Another issue raised is the Sambourne School crossing petition (Hot topic - 13th November).  This is being discussed at a town council meeting on Monday night

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