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Another crash - MP needs to take action on A36

(February 13, 2010)
A SIX vehicle crash on the A36 near Warminster yesterday saw a young child seriously injured highlighting another decade of tragedy, pain and anguish as the much needed improvement remains on the drawing boards.
The section of the main route to the south coast from the Midlands and South Wales has three notorious 'black spots' in five miles.
"I know that Dr. Andrew Murrison (MP) raised this in the House of Commons when I made a personal appeal to him years ago so I have to ask why has nothing been done?" said Paul Macdonald after hearing the news on local radio.
The then newly elected MP stood up in the Commons after Paul as a local journalist asked him 'how many more times am I going to have to write about death and mayhem on this piece of road (between Heytesbury and Codford).'
"Plans have been drawn up and displayed at Upton Lovell village hall many years ago," says Paul.
"But while the huge inconvenience issue at Westbury seems at the fore all the time the appalling record here is still not seeing anything done about it.
"Will our new Wiltshire Council do any better than its predecessor or the MP."

* Steve adds - Paul is quite correct when he says plans were drawn up for an improvement many years ago. It was in 1990 when the former planning committee of the county council gave the go-ahead to the plan. I know because I was a member of that committee and spoke in favour of the proposal provided local people were happy with the route.

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