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TWO new 1100l bins added after VFW's Carboard City pressure

(March 22, 2010)
CAMPAIGNER Paul Macdonald has found that hitting the right buttons can show it is not a waste of time contacting Wiltshire Council about hot topics in Warminster as two new recycling bins have been added within days.
 "One week after hitting the buttons on my computer keyboard to send a message to their website about a mini recycling problem I have had a very positive response," said Paul (see hot topic- Cardboard City 14 March)
 "It was an issue people were complaining that councillors were not doing anything about despite repeated representations.
 "The elected members may be in some eyes a waste of time but the 'issues reporting area' at the county council website is definitely not rubbish."
 An e-mail from a member of the recycling team at county hall has shown an immediate response to the complaint of overflowing recycling bins in Warminster town centre.
'This servicing schedule has been increased in recent times to respond to the popularity of the service and the amount of materials collected,' writes a council staff member.

'However, we understand that at some of the busiest mini recycling sites there is still problems with over spilling plastic and cardboard containers, especially on a Monday mornings.


'To relieve this problem we have increased the servicing schedule ensure both plastic and cardboard containers are emptied on a Saturday, leaving bins completely empty for Saturday afternoon and Sunday.'


Site Visit

'Following your complaint, the operational supervisor from Hills and I have visited the site as (sic) assess the problems further. It is clear at this particular site that there is not enough containers on site to cope with the materials that are being collected.
'Hence why bins are overflowing and the area becomes quickly untidy.
'As a result we have added two extra 1100ltr wheeled bins to the site, one for plastic bottles and one for Cardboard, this extra capacity should ensure all materials are contained in bins rather than on the floor.
'We have also requested that the bins which have broken lids are repaired or replaced to ensure the materials cannot blow out of the bins easily. The operational supervisors will continue to monitor the site to assess the impact of these additional containers.
'With reference to the litter and fly tipping on site. Wiltshire Council operate a cleansing schedule of all the mini recycling sites in Wiltshire, which includes visiting and cleaning Warminster Central car park once a week.
'I am currently liaising with a colleague to assess the possibility of extending this schedule to include visiting the site more often. This should avoid a build up of litter and fly tipping and improve the aesthetics of the area.
Paul had another positive suggestion. He asked that information boards be provided showing where alternative sites were available if a site was full.
'As suggested some signage on the site would undoubtedly help to tackle these problems. Artwork for signage on all of Wiltshire mini recycling sites has very recently been agreed, and therefore we will look at rolling this signage out to Warminster Central car park very soon,' the council e-mail concluded.

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