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Too young to vote but not too young to campaign - for UKIP

(May 02, 2010)
ukipIT was the most unusual sight of the general election campaign in Warminster so far and it fell to one of the youngest political parties to provide it.
The small UKIP campaign team set up their stall to promote ukip1their message led by teenager Jacqueline Burton.

The 16-year-old, supported by her parents, was keen to hand out the leaflets and explain her reasons for campaigning even though she is too young to vote.
"Too many people say that we are not interested in politics but they are wrong and I want to show that," said Jacqueline.
"I am always listening to what my dad talks about and then joining in.
"It did not take very long for more me to realise that the Independent Party have more ideas that I agree with so I joined Young UKIP."
The Trowbridge youngster has also decided to get involved in Bath Students Union 'Model United Nations' project.
"Our candidate Mike Cuthbert-Murray could not be here as he is a small businessman and this is one of his busiest days of the week," explained Warminster supporter Keith Green.
"But we have the help of the Burton family led by Jacqueline we are getting our message across."

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