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County Hall quids in but poor worker out of pocket

(June 11, 2010)
Warminster people can now see in black and white the true impact of the impending car parking charges.
A public notice in the Warminster Journal  reveals the high level of car parking charges that shoppers, shop workers and visitors will  pay from 5 July.
 "A full time shop worker on £5.80 a hour will have to find £15.40 each week under the cheapest option for off-street parking," said Paul Macdonald.
 "This means after tax and NI they will have to work at least three hours for the privilege of having a job in Warminster.
''Once again the Tories have shown their true colours penalising the poorest villagers."
 The introduction of the car parking charges is the work of the Sustainable Transport Group at County Hall which is now run by the new Wiltshire Council.
 It has ignored a massive petition organised by local shopkeepers, rejected offers from the town council, and has announced the charges will start on 5th July.
 It took over the car parks from the West Wiltshire District council which had struck a deal with the town council that allowed over two hundred spaces with two hours free car parking to help the market town.
 Steve Dancey, a former county councillor, has already challenged the sustainability argument. (See hot topics).
 Shoppers thinking of parking in the Chinns Yard Car Park or the Weymouth Street car park will have two choices.
 Rushing around to visit the scores of small shops and businesses that stretch from East Street to Silver Street and do their banking or forking out a £1 to take a more leisurely two hours.
 "Do not worry though," adds Paul Macdonald. "The advert says that all other charges will remain unaltered so I imagine if you happen to park badly crossing a parking bay line the fine will still be the same.
 "Wiltshire Council - Where everybody's metered!"

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