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Time to say yes to biogas plan - if assurances are in place

(July 03, 2010)
A BIOGAS plan on the southern outskirts of the town should be given permission say local strategic planners who have weighed up the pros and cons of the proposals at Bore Hill Farm.
The idea of the plant has drawn some significant opposition with residents nearby worried about the potential for smell, noise and traffic disturbance while the town council considers it too close to the urban area.
Local MP Andrew Murrison has objected saying that, while he applauds the concept, the proposal would spoil this gateway to the town and could lead to further development in the green field area to the north of the town.
Planners however say the plan will improve the look of the area.'It is considered that there is an opportunity to improve the entrance to Warminsterthrough proposed new planting and new buildings,'' says the report.
The existing farmhouse will be retained.
''Local residents have genuine cause to worry as there is no doubt that such a plant has some capacity to cause noise and smell, but if the officials give their professional opinion that these factors are suitably covered then we should give this plan our blessing,'' said Steve Dancey.
''There should be no smell in normal operation - well we would hope normal operation is what happens 100 per cent of the time otherwise the operators will be letting us down. Since they are local, I don't think they will want to do this.
''There are many positives about this proposal not least the educational visitor centre which could spark interest in schoolchildren and lead a few taking up employment in this rapidly expanding sector.
''It is new tech and high tech and, if the potential problems are fully overcome, we should welcome this proposal.
''I would vote in favour if I was on this committee.''

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