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Seagulls living la dulce vita in Sambourne Gardens

(August 09, 2010)
SAMBOURNE Gardens in Warminster has recently become a Mecca for seagulls who have been dropping into the residential area for early morning feeds.
One person who lives there told us she was woken at 5am in the morning by the screams of more than 50 excited black headed gulls.
Apparently a resident has taken to buying cheap food and leftovers from Morrisons and feeding the stale food to the gulls when others are still trying to sleep.
''I've been a member of the RSPB for more years than I care to remember but in my opinion the place for seagulls is at the seaside,'' said VFW's Steve Dancey.
''Feeding the birds stale baps by throwing them into the air at 5am is not only anti-social it is harming the birds as these creatures are not designed to eat such rubbish.
''The antics of this individual is apparently providing the area with a health hazard as the practice of throwing food is also attracting rats.''
We understand that the environmental health team used poison in the area and killed enough rats to fill two large black bags with dead rats.
''Clearly it is time for the authorities to take action as what is going on in Sambourne Gardens is causing a lot of problems for a lot of people,'' added Steve.

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