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cycle group reveals proposal for new routes in Warminster

(November 06, 2010)
The quietest form of getting about Warminster is quietly going about asking the public for their ideas about how to improve the lot of fans of two wheels powered by leg power.
  The team that have made a big impression on the town with cycle their promotion of cycling championed by the summer 'Warminster Wobble' have taken off their bicycle clips to park their bottoms at another quiet area.
Visionforwarminster co-author discovered a new series of routes being proposed for improvement at the town library to provide bike friendly cycleways to the south and the north of the town linking to others already in place.
"Welcome," said organiser Colin French to Paul Macdonald who won the prize of a bike drawn out of the hat courtesy of mayor Sue Fraser this year at the town park.
"I had not realised this was on until I read it on the internet at Warminster Web," responded Paul.
"I hope you do not mind but I have come to say I am not happy with the Fairfield Road proposal after my experiences using of the Woodcock scheme both as a cyclist and as a driver along the road."
Paul uses his cycles occasionally but he was immediately backed up by the next visitor.
"I have come to point out the conflict between cyclists and pedestrians on the idea for Fairfield Road," said Charles Drought.
He pointed out his concerns to the Wobblers (pictured with l-r Gordon Davis, Colin French and John Walpole) before then swapping anecdotes about his extensive cycling achievements.
It quickly emerged that the disputed scheme for the pavement that goes past Lyons Seafoods was being implemented in January by Wiltshire Council.
Gordon Davis had come up with a route that provided a quieter cycle ride from Portway to Corsley.
Paul also suggested that any money available should be used to extend the Woodcock scheme towards Bishopstrow rather than using Fairfield Road 'which is a wide road that I feel safe cycling along'.
"Fairfield Road could all be wasted money if those who want a one way system for East Street, Station Road and that road see future councillors agree," added Paul.
"I urge everyone who has a bicycle to go to the library tomorrow to have a look," adds Paul.
"I was really interested in their ideas for improving one route I already use and making it safer for me and adding to it.
"And as enthusiasts they are really receptive to ideas."

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