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Last orders at the Yew Tree? Pub in darkness

(November 07, 2010)
Twice as many pubs this year are going out of business compared with last year according to the industry and Warminster is the latest leading to another call to shop local.
This time another local 'local' has been plunged into darkness as it really was 'last orders' at the Yew Tree in Boreham Road.
A few would be drinkers turned up on Thursday evening to find no sign of life and it is believed that it will remain shut for the foreseeable future.
This side of the town has now lost two licenced premises after the United Services Club in Imber Road was closed and demolished.
Unlike the housing estates to the west that can look to four conveniently located pubs residents in the east have no such choice being forced to head for the edge of the town centre.
Their nearest public bars being at the Rose and Crown and the Masons Arms in East Street.
"The quicker the government get on with their social responsibility bill which may see a ban on selling alcohol below cost price and lessen the competitive pressure from supermarkets the better," says vfw co-author Paul Macdonald.
"I still support either a local pub or local shop and would urge others to do the same. And there is another pint I do not buy from supermarkets.
"I get it from the milkman delivered direct to my door!"

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