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Refreshed call for town appraisal as Monday Blues strike

(November 20, 2010)
The 'Monday Blues' could become a by-word in Warminster as it faces yet more disastrous financial local and county decisions.
"It is getting worse every day," says former councillor Paul Macdonald.  "Free parking made headline news on Totalstar Radio (local station) this lunchtime."
"No mention of Warminster though. More and more enticements from others and too many to list. (see latest hot topics).
"I have tried to encourage shopkeepers today to get something going as I am 'political' and will be ignored. If they react we can support them."
Another burning issue in Warminster is the future of the Assembly Hall which will still need to have nearly £1,000,000 spent on it despite public outrage seemed to have forced a new approach.
A town council meeting on Monday will discuss the future of the building that forced residents to demand the first ever parish poll in Warminster.
The 'megaloan white elephant' will now rely on its future with a complicated rescue by a community radio station and a very late offer of help from cabinet member Cllr. Humphries and his 'Health and Wellbeing' community hub idea.
"As I am a 'friend' of WCR I have to declare an interest," adds Paul.
"I totally support the work they are doing to deliver a community hospital radio station which also reaches out to many others and their attempts to put Warminster at the forefront of broadcast training.
"That really appealed to me as it would be a major contribution to my view that our town should pursue becoming a centre of excellence for specialities."
"It is also why I met the MP about the ABRO-cum-DSG site to plead with him to ensure that the land there is considered as our vision for Warminster as the 'Sir John Akehurst' business park." hot topics was the first to alert the community and the MP about the the government announcement that it was up for sale.
"I have absolutely no day-to-day involvement or conversation in the running of the radio station so I ask that our councils find a new way to help WCR with their future," adds Paul.
Kingdown School going for 'academy status' suddenly took the wind out of the sails of WCR which gave them with the unenviable task of finding an alternative 'rescue plan'.
"I think that once again we need a town appraisal on this and so many other issues," adds Paul
"I keep harping on about this but we have all sorts of organisations in town wanting to be be positive about their future and we have all sorts of buildings that are in need of a new use.
"About time we matched them up. Or every evening that the week starts our town council could condemn us to the Tory inspired 'Monday Blues'!"

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