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ENGAGE: Town council still puffing themselves up with Pravda

(February 01, 2011)
THE public unrest in Warminster at the actions of their town council is unlikely to be satisfied by the latest 'outdated propaganda' as the community faces yet another year of surviving cutbacks.
Opinionated, their latest Engage leaflet is very biased towards a long disputed decision and give headline coverage to their 'megaloan' new home at the Assembly Hall not once but twice but thrice.
"Most of it is very out of date as the news stories have already been covered by the Warminster Journal and it is outdated propaganda," says former PR consultant and deputy Mayor Paul Macdonald.
In short the leaflet claims a green light for the the Assembly Rooms refurbishment in three separate mentions, and a new plaque for the Copheap memorial.
They are joined published news stories from the last three months about car parking, Dents, an army centre and the foodbank charity.
"The Item I liked was the Copheap memorial which is something some may have missed," says Paul. "What they have not mentioned is the West Parade bus stop.
"I am a keen advocate of more of these bus stops. This is something we need more of and this leaflet could have been used to consult about where the next on should be." 
"The leaflet is just propaganda. It serves no other purpose,"
The Engage leaflet is something that was encouraged by the Labour Party during their time of government.
"Add a section about what the council is proposing to do and invite comment may make it worthwhile but as we all know now if they do not get the result they like they will do what they want anyway as the Ass Hall debacle shows.
"I would much rather see the council spend money using the Warminster Journal through much more than the small advert for their council meetings.
"Expand it to let the public know hat they are considering next!"
The leaflet is available to view and print off from the town council website.

''The news that the town council is prepared to spend public money puffing itself up in the current economic climate is just gross,'' added Steve Dancey.

''The worst case of vanity publishing I've seen in a long time.''

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