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Beware Persimmon - Perfidious Persimmon not Albion

(February 05, 2011)
Persimmon Homes will no longer be forced to honour their pledges and promises is the clear message to local communities as councillors old and new reveal that Warminster will now be easy pickings for developers.
A letter to the journal from former planning councillor John Syme reveals that Persimmon promised to make a financial contribution towards Princecroft School.
Front page coverage in the same newspaper  the previous week had pictures of cllr Pip Ridout complaining that Persimmon Homes had not coughed up promised cash for road safety measures in the neighbouring area.
Locals led by Steve Dancey have launched campaign to dissuade the public from buying from Persimmon and a video has been filmed for You Tube.
"I am appalled about all of this." says former councillor Paul Macdonald. "I recognised although I still fought against it that any housing development would have to be in the west of Warminster if anywhere.
"As the result of the work that John (Syme) and I put in a rural buffer zone was established around the town
"I also had many conversations with councillors and officers as Chairman of the governors at Princecroft School as impending expansion was proposed.
"When the major development of this part of the town was threatened I warned we would need at least another secondary school and help to both the closest schools."
Persimmon Homes latest money-grabbing upset to the the locals is their planning application to demolish Albion House in Victoria Road having made their money out of the land behind.
"I suppose some will say does this matter?'' says Paul. "It does but also now for every every town where Persimmon Homes raise their standard.
"They knew what they were doing, I am sure, by not including Albion House in their original back-land development proposal which destroys the street scene that makes towns like Warminster special.
"This is known as a retrospective application which we know is a retrograde step.
"What we now need is two towns, then another two towns, to share their experiences of the planning sleight of hand that developers use to get maximum profit at minimum community commitment.
"And then challenge our MP to stand by the idea of the 'Big Society' in allowing our communties that privilege that Persimmon Homes have. The right of appeal against an unfavourable decision!"

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