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Councils' slipping standards cause a niggle

(February 25, 2011)
Why is a former councillor now 'niggled' by the activity of the local town and unitary councils? Is it their 'mega-loan' spending? Is it even the latest news that a former Mayor is trying to find the 'snitch' in their ranks?
Warminster Town Council will hold a meeting of their Finance and Assets committee on Monday 28th February 2011 @ 7pm their agenda papers announce.
"Is the town council now accepting that more and more people now want to keep in touch with them by the internet or are standards falling?" asks Paul Macdonald.
"Why use the @ instead of at? I am niggled at this.
"I also found a reference to a planning application where centre was spelt 'center' by Wiltshire Council yet the organisation that submitted it is named in the traditional English way.
"I would always look to local councillors to set certain standards,"aadds Paul.
"This is a minor example of how standards are slipping without any personal attack to those who are being dragged resistantly into mobile phone and website world.
"I am not going to make a make issue about this but how will our council spell receipts of our hard earned cash - reciepts or receipts - or another symbol?"

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