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Queensway and Princess Gardens celebrate Royal Wedding

(April 18, 2011)
ON the last Friday of April residents of the aptly named Queensway and Princess Gardens area of Warminster will be holding a street party celebrating the Royal Wedding of HRH Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton.
"This is the first street party that I have heard about and I am chuffed it is so local," says Paul Macdonald who lives on the same estate.
"The leaflet drop has just arrived at my home after the DJ for the event had told me about it a few days ago."
Warminster East tenants and residents association leader Pearl Johnson is keen to hear from locals who could help out.
"If you want to ask questions, join in, have ideas or just want to be involved then please contact me on 212518," offers Pearl.
"You may have heard that we are planning to hold a street party to celebrate the Royal Wedding and get all our local neighbours together to have some fun.
"We are looking for volunteers to look after a stall, provide some entertainment, or just come along with some food and share the party."
The grassed area in Princess Gardens will come alive at 11am with the added attraction of a chance to win the best dressed Wills and Kate (or Prince and Princess) competition.
"Am I missing something but if civic leaders could not repeat the very popular St. George's Day event then surely they could have swapped their interest to this day instead?" adds Paul.

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