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So called 'businessmen' purchasers ofthe Town Hall will face Fathers for Justice style protests

(July 10, 2011)

ANY new owner of the Town Hall in Warminster may well be targeted with personal protests along the lines of those employed by Fathers for Justice if they don't fulfill expensive obligations to repair the building and clear the pigeons.

The building is up for auction on 27 July but in the current commercial property market, with business and investment pulling out of town centres at a rate of knots never seen in history, the chances of finding a suitable commercial buyer are almost zero.
One or two firms which have the capacity and expertise to do something useful with the building commercially (J D Wetherspoon and Prezzo) will no doubt have looked at the amount of work involved and shaked their heads. Warminster's demographic profile will have further convinced them not to come here - it is okay for Waitrose but not for companies which look for areas with younger people who have money in their pockets.
So the only risk lies in the building being purchased by a 'businessman', 'entrepreneur' or 'shyster'.
They may feel that the building offers a long term possibility of a capital gain if they just sit on it and leave it.
VFW has taken a significant interest in the building since we started in 2008 and this will continue.
''I can promise any potential buyer that if they mistakenly take on this building with a view to making a fast buck they will have unlocked a Pandora's box of problems and issues that will make them wish that they have never heard of Warminster Town Hall,'' said former county councillor Steve Dancey.
''Any new buyer will be made to take note of their responsibilities in the field of public health in relation to the pigeon problem and their responsibilities regarding the upkeep of this highly important listed building.
''If Wiltshire Council's officials don't do their jobs properly in relation to either of these two matters I will be on their backs in a big way. Both the new owner and the county council could face some French style political activity along the lines of that developed by Fathers for Justice if the building is not looked after and money spent.
''I already have four local people who are quite prepared to join me in protest and do some extraordinary things if needs be.
'So 'businessmen' please buy the building if you have a constructive use for it otherwise HANDS OFF.'' 
Several eye-catching protests are already envisaged though, for obvious reasons, we will not reveal our hand.

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