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Warminster Kingdown students to smarten up

(December 04, 2011)
MORE than two years ago Vision for Warminster called for local school students to smarten up with a new uniform and now it seems it is going to happen.
We considered it an important factor in smartening up the community for the town's 11 to 16 year olds to be dressed in traditional school uniform of blazer, shirt, tie and trousers/ skirt.
We have argued that Warminster needs to attract inward investment and which blue chip organisation would want to buy into a town where there are hundreds of scruffy children?
"Whoever agreed to the rough looking casual sweatshirt style in the 1980s did not do us a favour," said former education committee member Steve Dancey.
"Our children have looked a mess ever since except those who attend St Augustine's, South Wilts and Bishop's where the traditional uniform was kept.
"Changing the uniform is not a panacea for all of education's problems but it helps set a standard that needs to be maintained and is a clear signal to children (and parents) of what is expected. Rules are good for youngsters.
"No doubt some indolent parents, who are content to spend huge sums on trainers and jeans, will moan about the cost but the truth is that modern mass production methods have drastically cut the cost of production in recent years and it is not really a factor.
"No doubt also some are simply just too lazy to iron shirts."
We understand that the new uniform is expected to be grey and that consultation about the new style is currently under way.
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