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New association to be created

(December 06, 2011)
THE market town of Warminster will have a new stall set up in the New Year. On offer will be a new concern that reflects the hundreds that voted with their feet to back an Independent who dared to take put his head up above the 'political parapet' that now guards the Assembly Rooms.
"I make this official statement of intent," said Paul Macdonald. "As a result of all the words of encouragement I have received for standing up to the town's councillors, just as myself and Steve Dancey did in 2009, there will now be the launch of a properly constituted community association in January.
Paul stood as an Independent in a town council by-election and came within a couple of hundred votes of claiming the seat for the community in one of the safest Tory seats in the constituency.
"We will have a clear terms of reference as to what we want to achieve. We will have a proper constitution that is understood. We will have an exexcutive committee, subsidiary committees, with membership open to those who believe that Warminster is a special place to live, work and be a part of, and believes we need this new approach," promised Paul.
"I say to political parties you have no part in the affairs of this community at town council level. Play your politics at Wiltshire Council, in Parliament and in Europe.
"We have seen nationally the expenses scandal, the discredit that those who enjoy or seek public office, widely agreed."
Paul's election campaign received an endorsement from Martin Bell (the former MP)
"We need to re-invigorate the democratic process and I hope that we will do this here in the town of Warminster next year.
"We do not have a name yet as I await the views of the first 20 who have shown a great interest in setting this up!"

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