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Has there been an electoral boob?

(February 16, 2012)
It could be party political red faces all round in a market town as one political candidate flying the blue flag in his exuberance has fallen foul of a cardinal rule and no other hue of standard bearer is expected to stand.
A Tory town council hopeful, George Jolley, has proudly announced in the well-read Warminster Journal that he 'will stand as the Conservative Party candidate at the forthcoming Town Council by-election'.
The Conservative Party may be embarrassed by this advert directly above another advert for 'future Warminster town council meetings and events' as it assumes that an election will be held and breaks election law by not carrying the imprint saying who promoted the candidate.
They may get away with failing other requirements that need the public to be confident in who published and printed the candidature as the newspaper carries that imprint on the back page.
"The election has been called by ten electors of the ward but the best information that I can ascertain is that the Tory coalition partners the LibDems maybe in their embarrassment in Warminster will not stand a candidate in their historically stronger ward," says Paul Macdonald.
"I am shocked again by the actions of the local ruling party," adds Paul. "They are the very professional organisational team in town.
"To publish this wrongly in this influential conveyor of local news ahead of the official start of the process of nominations during a period when we are all trying to be respectful to the sad loss of our departed councillor I have to deplore."
There may not be an election. The Tory candidate may not have to stand. The real shock to townsfolk is if no other candidate comes forward for nomination he will be favourite to be co-opted.
"The Labour Party have long ago given up on our town" explains Paul. "And the parties of other colours who tried very publically and with publicity in mind to put up candidates at the last full set of elections in 2007 or 2009 have now shown themselves for what they are."
Both co-authors of visionforwarminster are talking widely to locals about the way forward about this opportunity.

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