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100 people have asked Paul to stand

(February 29, 2012)

MORE than 100 people have approached VFW's Paul Macdonald asking him to contest the town council's west ward in a by-election.
But he has said no.
 "I cannot stand for the West Ward as I do not live there and I stand by my well recorded view that a councillor should live in their local community," says Paul. 
 "I am not worried about the phrase 'the Tories could put up a pig in a blue rosette in Warminster and it would win'.
 Less than 48 hours remain until the Tory council will be free to double co-opt a party faithful who happily advertised his candidacy as their candidate even before nominations opened.
 The West Ward had been a happy hunting ground for others in the past two decades.
Local Lib Dems, whose MPs are swimming together still with David Cameron are said by a local source not up for the challenge.
 The Labour Party has not been very active anywhere in the town since Jim Knight left the town to become a leading councillor in Frome. He went on to be a MP in Dorset and is now a lord.
 There was a dramatic six year washing at the public spa of parish pump politics starting in 1989 when the Liberal Party did amazingly well and they were the fountain for many new ideas.
 There have been others of party political persuasions in the last decade who have entered this very low depth of political water to colour it including some greens (ecology party) or the very right wing or euro-sceptics with their greater paintbrush.
 Steve Dancey since stood as an Independent candidate after his well-respected role as a county councillor serving alongside Cllr. Joan Main. (Joan once also stood as an Independent).
 "I cannot stand there at this time  for a number of reasons - most pressing is lack of time, "adds Steve.
"I cannot get back from work in time for meetings but I would love to be there."
 Warminster Town Council is currently trying to justify its role to a divided community among its townsfolk, small business, owners. and town and county councillors.
 The major talking point in the town is the edifice that is now the civic centre. The other car parking charges. The other is who can take over from those who took the decisions that gave the town this.
 The question now being asked by the public in conversations with those talking to vision for Warminster and others is 'who will stand as a new councillor'?'
 Or will George Jolley as the already advertised Warminster Journal Conservative candidate be the walk-in winner?

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