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Tottenham rap artist to highlight Wiltshire's torch event - council leader is 'delighted'

(May 07, 2012)

A MAJOR County Council arranged event designed to highlight Wiltshire to the world when the Olympic torch visits is to be headlined by a rap artist from Tottenham.

Are we so lacking in talent in Wiltshire that a local person performing our sort of music can't be engaged?

Our civic leader Jane Scott (who has only lived in the county for about 12 years) said: “We are delighted to have an exciting popular national act to perform and are also proud that the festival will enable us to showcase all that Wiltshire has to offer.

“We want communities from  across the county to attend the festival and help make it a really special occasion.”

The chart=topping artist is called Wretch 32 - ever heard of him?

"Last night in my local pub I was with six fellow drinkers in the snug, all natives of this county aged from 22 to 60, when I told them that a Tottenham rap artist called Wretch 32 was to headline the event at Hudosn's Field in Salisbury," said Steve Dancey.

"None of them was 'delighted' by the news that Wretch 32 is coming.

"On reflection though and considering the havoc the council's car parking policies have had on Warminster, Wretch 32 could be appropriate as they are a wretched council." 

The festival, expected to attract thousands of people, is being held on July 11 at Salisbury’s Hudson’s Field to celebrate the Olympic torch passing through the county on July 11, 2012.

"My teenage daughter was excited when I told her but then frowned when it was in Salisbury," adds Paul Macdonald. "A festival in that city. The torch running through Southwick and Trowbridge.

The route provides little opportunity on a Wednesday for Warminster public participation.

"Lets be real," adds Paul. "Wiltshire Council with a bit of courage could have found something to excite and stood up for Wiltshire talent as the headline news rather than relegate them to backing groups and support acts.

"If it had been up to me I would have involved someone like successful musician Marcus Tilt with Warminster connections to help."

"Nothing against Tottenham even though I am a Chelsea fan!" adds Paul.

The Olympic Torch first comes into Wiltshire later this month on May 22 until May 23 and then comes back again into the county on July 11 until July 12.

Coca-Cola, a 'presenting partner of the Olympic Torch Relay' will bring will bring some of the UK’s most exciting up and coming musicians to perform at the live.

You have been warned - IT COULD BE A VERY EMBARRASSING event.

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