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'Wall' Street Crash Fears Re-awakened

(November 04, 2012)

 Residents campaigning to keep their cul-de-sac are once again anxiously waiting on news from a council about the future of a wall that a developer has been refused permission to knock it down.

Ridgeway Wall 002a 03-11-2012 12-03-12 In Carson's Yard behind Warminster's Market Place building is going on to offer six flats in a 'car free' development permitted on appeal a few years ago.

 The original applicant had sold the site on and the new owners have unsuccessfully asked for a change to the planning they acquired which needed demolishing a wall that separates Ridgeway Court from Carson's Yard.

 Locals raised a petition and the local county councillor Andrew Davis asked for it to be called in fror decision by the planning committee but highways officers raised strong objections fearing that vehicles reversing could crash into pedestrians as there are no pavements so the revised plan was refused by a planning officer. The wall had to stay.

 "I am very anxious about all this," says Margaret Broughton who delivered the petition to Trowbridge (pictured right). "We never imagined that when we moved here we would be looking at this."IMG_0598-001

 "What is going on?" asked Maya Fox. "I thought that they had been told No!"

 VFW's Paul Macdonald visited Ridgeway Court on the morning that the wall was partially demolished and again on Saturday morning.

 "I am hopeful that this is just a temporary gap in the wall," Paul told residents afterwards.

 "I see that the brick paving of the road surface has been lifted and replaced to allow connection to services into the Carson's Yard site.

 "I also see that a lot of the bricks are neatly stacked the other side of the wall. Hopefully that means that they will also be replaced as they have not been thrown into the skip (pictured top).

 The planning officer who dealt with the latest planning application for the site was on holiday last week.

 "There may be a sting in the tail though," warns former councillor and planning committee member Paul.

 "The developer can lodge an appeal against the refusal for his plans to connect their site to Ridgeway Court so the residents will need to keep a close eye on this.

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