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Hot Snippets - Garages to Go - Phantom Sales

(November 08, 2012)

Homes Garage Swop 

A plan to demolish garages in Warminster to provide two homes to rent to those on the council waiting list are being dusted off.

 Eighteen garages at St. George's Close look likely to make way as a Selwood Housing plan that had lapsed is back in the planning system having previously been agreed.

 A pair of terraced three bedroom houses will have parking for four cars. Currently 11 of the garages are in use and the scheme replaces these with parking spaces to match that number on the remaining land.

 Town councillors will discuss the idea on Monday evening having supported the original 2007 idea without commenting.

 "It is always a good idea to use land that has been identified as a 'brownfield' site first before looking at green fields," said Paul Macdonald.

 "Hopefully the garages at Boreham Field will be next."

Phantom Sales
 The Warminster School upcoming production of the Phantom of the Opera which runs at the Athenaeum from next Wednesday has sold out.
 The venue which has seen years of steady improvements to the building is now being matched by its popularity amongst the local community.
 The High Street theatre offers a variey of events and played a full part in the recent Warminster Festival fortnight including the showing of the film 'Lady of No Fear' (see recent hot topics.
 "It is well worth taking a look at their website to see what might appeal to you on these dark winter nights," said Paul Macdonald.

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