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Back Paul Batchelor in his Poll Push

(November 14, 2012)

 Warminster electors have the chance to vote for a Wiltshire Police Commissioner, responsible for the policies, priorities and budget the Chief Constable will have to follow.

 Complaints about the need for such a post and the entry of 'political' candidates have been well-aired but someone will be elected tomorrow and they will start to implement their ideas within seven days.

 Of the 6 candidates standing in the election, in spite of his political label, Paul Batchelor, an experienced representative of the people, deserves the first preference vote when polling stations open at 7am.

 There are some worthy points made by the five other candidates but some unrealistic or uninspiring promises as well.

 "What Paul has to offer is not only his history as a top flight councillor over many years but his parochial experience as well," said vfw co-author Paul Macdonald.

 "My conversations with local people have flagged something else up as well.

 "We need someone in this largely rural county who will ensure that the possible dominance of issues in major centres of population do not lead to a further transfer of resources from our market towns and villages.

 "This is one policy that Paul highlighted right from the start."

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