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Voting with their Feet - Council Budget

(November 16, 2012)

Locals Vote With Their Feet 

Conservative Angus Macpherson became the first police and crime commissioner for Wiltshire in an election lacking any appeal to the public.

 The result will be remembered for its low turnout as less than one ten turned up at polling stations with locals in Warminster voting their feet and walking away from the unwanted election.Police Poll Station 002

 They joined those who had already voted by post to push the total votes cast up to 15 per cent of those on the electoral role, less than one in six.

 Warminster businessman and Liberal Democrat candidate Paul Batchelor came fourth behind second placed Labour candidate Clare Moody and an Independent.

'Thought For The Day' - Which is going to see the bigger turnout?

 The UKIP candidate and another Independent came fifth and sixth.

 "This means Mr. MacPherson has the backing about 6% of the county voters!" commented vfw co-author Paul Macdonald. "What more can we say?"

* Internet petition started at

Town Council Budget Round

 Warminster Town Council meet on Monday night to start working out how to spend nearly £500,000 mainly from their share of the money that Warminster council tax payers will pay to Wiltshire Council in 2013.

 The biggest spending will go on their new home at the old assembly rooms now re-vamped after a controversial rejection of the first ever result from a parish poll held in the town.

 A large proportion of their new planned capital spending will go on updating 'digitally' the CCTV operation that also covers Westbury and the West Wiltshire Trading Estate at Hawkeridge.

 All twelve councillors will have to take a decision about whether to award a contract for £50,000 to their preferred bidder for the network of cameras.

 Councillors will also be asked to decide on which two days next year on offer from Wiltshire Council so the town can have free car parking to coincide with a special event.

 The full meeting of the council starts at 7pm at the Civic Centre off Sambourne Road.

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