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Community Orchard Digging In

(April 13, 2013)

  Community Orchard campaigner Colin French was joined by a dozen helpers at a field along the Boreham Road to plant trees on a miserable Saturday morning.

Apple Tree 003  The Warminster Community Orchard will be home to 40 trees when the weekends work by volunteers is completed.

  It has taken over two years to bring this to fruition with the group negotiating with both the Warminster Town Council and the National Trust.

  Part of the six acres of Yeates Field is being planted and includes five Wiltshire varieties at its heart.

  Bedwyn Beauty, Chorister Boy, Dredge's Fame, Julia's Late Golden and Mary Barnett form the core of the small plantation.

  These will be joined by others like the Egremont Russet that Jennie Gilling (pictured) was making secure.

  The group hope to attract interest from schools in the area and courses on fruit tree care are planned.

  *All these varieties of tree came from Barters Plant Centre at Chapmanslade.

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