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Car Free Not Care Free

(May 20, 2013)

 There may dancing in the streets of Warminster as a town councillor has accepted the challenge of proposing a 'car free' day to add the Wiltshire market town to the growing list of those which have joined the 'In Town Without My Car' movement.

 "I really like the idea of encouraging everyone to consider the message behind this," says Cllr. Paul Macdonald.

 "Our town is already becoming well-known for miles around for the community led Warminster Wobble and I would like to add this to the calendar."

 Car Free Day normally happens on the 22nd September each year and is part of an idea aimed at reclaiming town and city centres for pedestrians, cyclists, and those in wheelchairs.

 It asks residents to leave their cars at home and use more environmentally friendly ways of doing their town centre visit.

 The campaign stresses the need for more and better public transport, and helps people rediscover their local architectural heritage, and enjoy their town centres by foot and pedal power rather than being shielded from it within their cars.

 "It may be too late for our town this year to join in the international day but I will see what we as a council can do," adds Paul.

 "I will be asking the Warminster Wobble organisers if they would like to use their Sunday next year to promote this as well as a pilot of this idea.

 "Barring any major concerns I will meantime hope to persuade councillors to add our town to the others that have taken this up so far and invite the Friday town market and farmer's market also to join in.

 "Being a town with military connections and the annual carnival we have a lot of experience of making the town centre car free on a smaller scale. Let us use that experience ."

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