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Youthful Council Is In Motion

(July 11, 2013)

  One of the flagship policies of the visionforwarminster website has taken a big step forward this week as 'youthful' Independent councillor Jamie Cullen has lodged a formal 'notice of motion' which will now be considered by Warminster Town Council.

  "I am pleased that my first resolution for debate will be the establishment of a working group to to look at ways of involving more young people in our version of  local poltics," explained Jamie.

  On Monday the new-look town council elected two months ago will be given the chance to take a fresh look at the idea of a youth council that once on the agenda of a previous 'Mayoral Initiative Group' which then did not act on it.

  'This Council recognises the role that young people play within our community,' is Jamie's opening words in the 'notice' that will be debated by the full council meeting.

  'The opportunity should be given to them to contribute to the decisions made by Warminster Town Council.

  'We resolve to set up a working group comprising three councillor and up to six co-opted members to bring recommendations forward.

  The proposal is to have a Youth Council elected by young people to allow them to have an impact on their town and to gain legitimate experience in the processes and decision making taken at town level.'

  "I am delighted to be working alongside Jamie on this," added Cllr. Paul Macdonald.

  "As a 17-year-old Trowbridge High School pupil I was a candidate in 'mock' election held at the same time as the February general election topping the poll but pleased to see four others standing..

  "It is time to encourage at our local 'parish pump' level of politics more young people."

* Our original ideas can be found in the Vision Document 2008-12 section 5 Young People


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