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Two Grand or Too Grand Town Grants?

(June 25, 2014)

The Town Council aim of supporting local good causes with grants could cause a major dilemma on Monday night as the amount being asked for overwhelms the amount set aside  fivefold.

Councillors on the Finance and Assets committee need to decide how to spend £9,500 meeting the request from dozens of applicants for grant aid nearly five times as much again.

They range from a pedestrian £85 from the Warminster Walkers to the highly pitched £2,421 for the Warminster Military Wives Choir.

"I am sure that councillors who have to take this decision would welcome some comments from the public before they take their final decisions," explains Cllr. Paul Macdonald.

"I took part in this process last year and it was a case of two grand which is the most allowed ordinarily or too grand and could not be supported."

There are various organisations assured of their annual funding with Warminster Community Radio getting £12,200 in the Grants and Projects budget along with the Warminster Information Centre at £12,000 with the Christmas Lights trailing behind at £5,000.

"There are two other grants that are hardy annuals or bi-annuals in the two or three grand scheme of things," explains Paul

"The highly respected efforts of the Warminster Carnival committee get £3,000 and the Warminster Festival backed by £2,000."

"Councillors are invited to look at the supporting paperwork beforehand and the agenda carries a summary of the purpose of the grant that could be awarded," adds Cllr Paul Macdonald.

"I will take a closer look tomorrow. Is it a dilemma? Possibly no but probably certain after my experiencet."

*  For more visit the Warminster Town Council website. The agenda is published and carries all the supoorting paperwork.

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