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Dog Fouling Lead

(July 08, 2014)
A new era of co-operation has started between the two town councils in Warminster and Westbury as they agree that they need to work together to tackle a common complaint about the problem of dog fouling.
Warminster town council agreed to support a motion put forward by Independent Councillor Paul Macdonald two weeks ago that it should approach their neighbouring council at Westbury to set up a working group.
"I am very pleased to hear that yesterday Westbury town council have agreed to with us on this issue which is a constant source of complaint to councillors," said Cllr. Macdonald whose is leading the calls in council chamber at Warminster..
"We can now take the first positive steps towards a new independent approach to complement the hard-pressed service that the county council provides.
"I thank fellow Independent councillor Russel Hawker in Westbury for his work over there in taking us into a new era of co-operation. 
"I look forward to working with him and two other councillors from our town and his town on the working group in tackling this nuisance which is also a health risk on behalf of our residents."
The town councils already have a history of working together operating the CCTV cameras which cover both towns and a trading estate from Dewey House in North Row.
On Monday night Warminster town council hold a full council meeting which will now appoint three councillors to serve on the working group.  


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