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Andrew Murrison tells a fairy story on local radio

(May 02, 2015)
hustings 003a TORY candidate Andrew Murrison did himself and his party no favours today when he shared a platform with four other candidates in Warminster.
 At some points he seemed to take over as chairman of the meeting while at other times he seemed like a prosecuting counsel in Crown Court grilling defence witnesses.
 Warminster's Steve Dancey, a seasoned observer of general elections,said: "At times it was embarrassing. He jumped in and twisted the issues.
 "He didn't seem to see the need for a Minor Injuries Unit in the town, the need for a police inspector to be based here, and he conflated the issue of building on brown field sites and Warminster's allocation of houses.
 "The issue is that we must build on brown field sites nationally, of course we all know these are relatively scarce in rural market towns." 
 "That doesn't stop brownfield development being a policy that can help deal with our housing problem."
 Steve Dancey added: "I asked candidates whether they thought it was right that highly regressive taxes, such as VAT, paid by poor people in this rich country are collected up and sent to rich people in poor countries.
 "Instead should we not boost trade with less developed countries thereby creating a long term solution to world poverty and problems?
 A 'hand-up rather than a hand-out' was his challenge to the five candidates.
Who is Lady Bountiful nonsense?
 "The first two candidates who responded, the Green and the Labour candidates, didn't answer the question but simply trotted out well-rehearsed answers approving of the 0.7 per cent aid budget.
 "Presumably they approve of poor people in this country losing out big style as their pockets are picked by indirect taxes.
 "Lib-Dem Trevor Carbin at least acknowledged the major role that a better trade deal could play while UKIP's Matthew Brown didn't need any encouragement to block the aid budget'."
  Matthew Brown promised to heep the part of the budget that deals with disaster relief.
 "But the prize for total nonsense came from Andrew Murrison," says Steve Dancey.
 "He freely admitted that aid had been wasted in the past when 'Labour went around the world like Lady Bountiful' but all that changed in 2010 when the coalition looked at the problem and resolved it.
"What a fairy story! Money is still being wasted and goes largely to wealthy European and US professionals working for NGOs or corrupt overseas regime.
 "If you don't believe me just check where all these aid NGOs are based.
  "They are massively skewed towards high cost/high wage/desirable areas such as Geneva and Rome.
 "If they were serious about getting value for money they would more to to places where they could massively cut their costs and spend their money more sensibly.
"They are not serious in doing this and simply want to maintain their five star lifestyles and will continue to dupe our useless political leaders."
"The EU of course is designed to protect European farmers and fishing plunderers and hampers third world farmers and fishers."

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