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Tory MPs Push Matched By Locals

(January 26, 2016)

The national headlong rush led by the Prime Minster, the Chancellor, and local MPs Murrison and Perry to push through the unconventional extraction of fossil fuels in Wiltshire is now matched by the energy of those locals sounding alarms about it.

The Warminster Anti-Fracking Community have added another urgent meeting to discuss the issue raised by the granting of licences to explore coal head seam mining in a county known world-wide for Stonehenge and Longleat.

Tomorrow night at the Rose and Crown in East Street concerned residents from Warminster will decide on their next moves.

Those plans could involve a film night to show the town and neighbouring villages what they can expect if the industry is let loose around the Salisbury Plain and into the area enjoyed by visitors to Longleat and Center Parcs.

The meeting, which starts at 7.30pm, could be joined by others from neighbouring towns and villages.

kwff collage 001-011A county-wide meeting at the Old Bell (pictured) attracted over one hundred.

It saw a new group set up in Westbury with Heytesbury and Warminster residents taliking to each other.

It has also attracted the attention of an independent film maker and Warminster town councillors who have established a corporate policy that rejects hydraulic fracturing of coal seams.

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